Brazilian Jiujitsu | No-Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu Kick Boxing Womens Self Defense Wrestling

Brazilian Jiujitsu:

This martial art focuses on grappling and take downs. The goal of Brazilian Jiujitsu is to defend one’s self while minimizing injury to one’s self. A focus on clothed (gi) defense and attacks allows for real world self defense as well as sport (tournament oriented) jiujitsu. A jiujitsu kimono, otherwise known as a gi is required for this class. Adult and Kids are offered this class.

No-Gi Brazilian Jiujitsu:

Separate classes for non-gi jiujitsu. Rash guard or T-Shirt and shorts are the uniform required for this class. Self defense, Sport, and MMA (No striking) oriented grappling  are all covered in these classes.


Wrestling adds a different look into grappling and augments an essential component to both the gi and no-gi classes.

Kick Boxing:

Stand up striking oriented instruction intended to teach self defense and MMA oriented combatives. Hand to hand punching and kicking instruction helps the student be prepared for non grappling oriented fighting styles.

Womens Self Defense:

This class is oriented to Women only. Both jiujitsu and kick boxing are covered in this course which helps women prepare in street combatives. A friendly environment with great instruction allows Kim Pitts to sculpt the class to the individual. Questions are not just welcome but encouraged.

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