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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Kids Jiu Jitsu

Our team at Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy is proud to bring high-quality Kids Jiu Jitsu training to Castle Rock. Our classes teach the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu while also instilling strong core values, leadership skills, and giving kids from across our community the chance to connect with new friends and mentors.

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Teen Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest-growing forms of martial arts, and our Teen Jiu Jitsu classes offer your teen the most advanced training available in Castle Rock. In addition to preparing teens with high-level technique, we also help them grow skills which will serve them outside the gym. Join us for a free trial class!

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Adult Jiu Jitsu

Through our renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system, we'll help you gain robust fitness and learn powerful self-defense skills. From competition to casual practice, we are your source for authentic Jiu Jitsu training here in Castle Rock.

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Kids Muay Thai

From your child's very first class at Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy, they'll learn important life lessons about respect, confidence, and perseverance. Our Kids Muay Thai program is designed to set each student up for success and to give them the edge in life that only the martial arts can provide. Join us in Castle Rock and get started today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai program is designed to develop your stamina, while learning some of the most effective striking skills in the world. Whether you’re a novice or looking to advance your skills, we’ll train you according to your needs and develop your martial arts skills. Join us at Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy in Castle Rock today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Cardio Kickboxing

Our cardio kickboxing program will give you the opportunity to torch calories and get that lean, toned look in no time. Get started with the best workout in Castle Rock and see results faster than ever! Kickboxing provides a fun, high-energy, dynamic workout that's great for anyone.

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Functional Fitness

Improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility in no time with our Functional Fitness Classes in Castle Rock. We're helping men and women of all experience levels find sustainable success. Learn more today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Castle Rock

Private Lessons

Private Lessons here at Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy are sure to give you the extra boost you need to become your best self! We offer Private Training Lessons in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai for all ages and experience levels.

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Chris Gonzo

A great family environment and skilled coaches....

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Jada Naas

Great facility and classes for the littles!!! They are all incredibly patient and helpful with the new kids. Even the teens that help in class are amazing! Highly recommend!...

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Darius Temüjin Princip

Cool place. Good instruction for the kiddos....

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John Caughey

Top notch training with the best coaches around. it's a team, and a family....

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Christopher Walters

Highly recommend Fulcrum. I kids are learning so much more than jujitsu. They are learning discipline, patience, work ethic, respect, confidence, and fortitude. Thank you to their awesome coaches!...

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Adria S

Great place! I'm happy to see my kids are working hard and having fun. Always a great idea to teach your kids self defense at any age. I also will say that my 11 year old has a much better attitude i...

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Discover Your Greatness with Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy

Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy, Castle Rock’s top choice for a martial arts academy, provides a welcoming and safe environment for all our students to achieve their personal goals.

From young children to adults, Fulcrum provides a personalized experience in a welcoming, clean, and safe environment. Whether you are training for a professional fight, a hobbyist, wanting to learn self-defense or just get in shape, Fulcrum will help you achieve your goals while developing your character, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu Academy is a Zenith Jiu Jitsu affiliate, led by the world renown Robert Drysdale. If you're here in Castle Rock or surrounding areas, come see us today!

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Learn about the Benefits of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai

  • Increased Confidence

    Increased Confidence

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu increases perseverance, dedication and focus so you’ll be able to overcome challenges. You’ll soon feel empowered and in control of your thoughts and actions.

  • Discipline & Focus

    Discipline & Focus

    Real discipline is the ability to stay committed through tough times, the ability to set boundaries, and to lead your actions through thoughts and not emotions. We have no doubt that Jiu Jitsu will help you develop these things within yourself.

  • Self-Defense


    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been proven to be one of the most effective self defense martial arts systems.

  • Stay In Shape

    Stay In Shape

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an amazing workout. Jiu Jitsu is engaging, fun and captivating and the warm up, drills and the rolling (sparring) will literally leave you in better shape.

Achieve Your Goals

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