Listed below are several items to consider before jumping into a BJJ Academy

Quality of Instruction:

The most important aspect of a BJJ studio is the quality of instruction. The other issues are worth looking into when choosing an academy, but they are not as important as finding a high-quality jiu-jitsu studio. The best way to to learn more is to consult a renowned practitioner with experience in the area of BJJ. This will help guarantee finding an instructor and level that suites your individual needs.

  • Here’s a few questions you should be asking:
  • Has the instructor displayed knowledge in the field through competition?
  • What it takes to create a successful student in your studio?
  • Do your students perform well in competition?
  • Does the instructor have a good work philosophy, and how does the instructor help student improve?

As a beginner in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, be certain of what you want and what your goals are.


The chances of meeting new people are a part of martial arts. These individuals will be accessing your private space, which requires trust. Partners will help you progress at a challenging physical activities while keeping an eye out for your safety, so it is important to find a friendly, open environment to train in.

  • Here’s a few items you should consider:
  • Are you welcomed by the staff and do they make effort to make you comfortable?
  • Are the current students, open and inviting and ready to help?
  • Do you feel an energy in the studio?


Jiu-jitsu is an energetic activity that causes sweat and requires frequent body contact and also accompanied by occasional injury which could cause irratation. An well cleaned academy keeps its mats regularly clean and help prevent students from injury and disease.

  • Here’s a few questions you should be asking:
  • How often are the mats cleaned?
  • Do students wear shoes after stepping off the mat?
  • In general, inspect the look, feel and smell of the academy.